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Zeven Media is dedicated to helping businesses transform their online presence and marketing workflow through innovation, automation, and intelligent solutions. Your success is our success.

Our Story

Zeven Media started with two simple questions:

  • How many businesses struggle with their day-to-day marketing operations?
  • How many spend too much on their marketing WITHOUT seeing results?

As digital marketing experts, we knew that harnessing major advances in technology was (and still is) critical to maximizing ROI on every marketing dollar spent. However, we also knew that the vast majority of business owners were completely unaware of the time-saving and money-saving benefits these advances could bring.

And with that idea, Zeven Media was born.

Zeven Media is proud of how we’ve grown. More importantly, we’re proud of how we’ve helped countless business clients utilize innovative marketing technology to achieve success.

The Zeven Media Advantage

At Zeven Media, every day starts with the adage, “Work smarter, not harder.”

What we provide to our clients are streamlined solutions that allow them to focus on running their business instead of losing time with routine marketing tasks. To this end, we embrace cutting edge automation technology that scales marketing efforts while at the same time reducing the cost of labor. Our implementations and custom CRM give our clients:

  • Comprehensive contact management in one place (email, SMS, phone)
  • Automated marketing campaign execution
  • Automated online reputation management
  • Actionable PPC campaign reporting
  • Detailed SEO keyword analysis
  • Automated lead capture and nurture programs
  • Automated appointment scheduling

All of these Zeven Media features add up to less work, less time investment, and less money spent for our clients - but with exponentially more, and better, results. By using advanced automation techniques, we’re able to differentiate ourselves and offer increased value over more traditional digital marketing agencies.

How We Excel

What sets Zeven Media Inc apart is our innovative, three-pronged approach to digital marketing. This unique approach has been developed by seamlessly blending real-world experience and cutting edge marketing technology.

Holistic Vision

By looking at the big picture of your business, we can custom tailor your marketing efforts to address your specific needs.

Strategic Implementation

We grow your audience strategically to reach those potential clients that are more likely to make a buying decision.

Value-Driven Results

Each service is evaluated on a cost vs. value basis to ensure we give you the maximum benefit for your marketing dollar.

Our Core Values

Zeven Media is built on four core values. These values inform every decision we make and are the driving factors for the work we provide for our clients:

  • Innovation
    - We continually search for and develop innovative solutions that are more than the status quo. Even small improvements give us better brand differentiation.
  • Quality
    - By providing the highest possible level of service quality on every single task, we ensure client satisfaction and create a professional atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Integrity
    - Our strict moral and ethical standards are unbendable and serve as the rock-solid foundation of what we do. Doing a job correctly and efficiently is truly the only way.
  • Drive
    - We truly want our clients to succeed, and this inner motivation is rewarded every time we see a partner improve their business and achieve important growth milestones.

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